Do you want to lose weight? Then breakfast is so important – here are delicious ideas and quick recipes!

Eating the right breakfast can help you lose weight. image / Shotshop

Have you decided to reduce your body weight? Do you want to lose weight, for health or just to feel better? Proper breakfast is an important building block. Yes, they should have breakfast. And yes, it can also be delicious. Here are our tips.

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Breakfast and weight loss – do they go together?

In the morning before work, breakfast often has to be made very quickly. A cup of coffee, a quick piece of toast or a granola bar, for many it is in the morning. To put it bluntly: this is a mistake. A hearty breakfast is important to avoid cravings later in the day.

For breakfast to really help you lose weight, you should consider the following:

An important tip is that you should take your time in the morning. Getting up 10 to 15 minutes earlier is enough to prepare a reasonably priced breakfast. And it takes time for your body to digest and utilize the nutrients properly. If you absolutely can not do it: Prepare breakfast as best you can the night before.

The most suitable foods are those that keep you full for a long time and which of course have as few calories as possible. Cooked legumes or lean quark are good examples.

Take care of all finished products for breakfast. Ideally, you prepare your own muesli and butter. The products from the supermarket very often contain an unnecessary amount of sugar and fat. So if you (must) buy finished products, be careful with the composition!

Breakfast to lose weight: bread and rolls

In Germany, bread and rolls are traditionally eaten for breakfast. You also do not have to do without. You should only vary it in a weight loss-friendly way.

Choosing the right bread is especially important: Since all whole grain products are especially rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, the body needs significantly longer to digest them than, for example, light wheat bread.

Whole grains keep blood sugar low. You are full longer and it is much easier for you to manage without snacks.

Wholemeal bread with lean quark IMAGO / Shotshop

These ingredients go well with wholemeal bread

hummus: The chickpea paste keeps you full for a long time. Top the hummus bread with paprika strips for some extra vitamins. The perfect start to the day. If you like it spicy, here’s another tip: Put some cayenne pepper over the bread – the capsaicin it contains starts the combustion.

low-fat quark is full of calcium and protein, but extremely low in calories. It tastes neutral and can therefore be combined very well. For a hearty breakfast bread, for example with radishes and chives: These vegetables are also a natural appetite suppressant due to their weak spiciness. Of course, you can also serve lean quark sweet, for example with freshly cut fruit.

vegetable spread are a good helper when losing weight, as they are often made on the basis of legumes. But the same goes here: Beware of finished products from the supermarket! Be careful with the composition. Many contain unnecessary additives and too much fat and sugar. The spread is best combined with fresh vegetables or herbs. Tip: Cress and parsley also help burn fat!

You can also lose weight with a sweet breakfast. image / Westend61

Sweet breakfast for weight loss

Even if you prefer something sweet in the morning, you do not have to do without breakfast. Muesli is popular with many anyway. And rightly so: Cereal flakes are rich in fiber and keep you full for a long time. .

Fresh fruit goes well with it, and brings sweetness. Almost all berries fit perfectly. They contain little fructose. The high water content ensures a well-filled and low-calorie stomach. You can get blueberries, currants and strawberries as regional products at the right time of year. Out of season, frozen berries are fine.

We also recommend combining the muesli with the right nuts, which provide plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. Particularly suitable: almonds, since they barely contain carbohydrates, and hazelnuts, which studies have shown to curb appetite.

It is best to prepare the muesli with low-fat natural yoghurt or with soy milk. Yogurt has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and regenerates the intestinal flora. Soy milk supports the body in breaking down carbohydrates. This is to prevent fat storage.

Boiled eggs can also help with weight loss. image / STPP

2 tips: eggs and grapefruit

Even if you like eggs for breakfast, you certainly will not make a mistake. One or two organic eggs even get your fat burning started and keep you full for a very long time. Of course, it is better to cook in water than to fry in fat.

If you want to lose weight, a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice is also a good insider tip. The fruit has been shown to be an appetite suppressant and also provides a lot of pectin, a natural fiber.

Conclusion: There are many types of breakfast that will help you lose weight. So take it!

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