Expensive beach holiday in Italy: Prices are rising so much

The trip to the sea, renting an umbrella and two sunbeds, plus some food: these amounts add up for a family in no time – to as much as 97 euros.

30 euros for a day on the beach chair

The Italian consumer association Codacons calculated these additional costs for a day on the Italian beach, with the result that holidays in Italy are on average twelve percent more expensive than last year: “With the opening of the summer season, many bathing resorts have already changed their price lists by adding that they have increased the prices of a number of goods and services. “In addition, further price increases are expected until August.

According to the association’s observations, the daily rates for parasols, sun loungers and deck chairs have increased by between four and ten percent compared with the previous year. This weekend you have to pay around 30 euros for one day, in facilities in the higher category it can be 100 euros for an umbrella and two sunbeds.

Expensive beach holiday: The operators transfer the costs to visitors

According to the Italian Consumer Protection Association, price drivers are the rising price of petrol, the cost of sewage emptying and general inflation. In this way, the operators of the beach baths transmit the increase in energy costs and the increase in retail prices to the visitor.

The consumer protection organization Altroconsumo has taken a closer look at ten seaside resorts. Alassio in Liguria is the most expensive, costing € 380 for a parasol and sun lounger in the front row from 31 July to 6 August. This is followed by Gallipoli in Puglia, Alghero in Sardinia and Viareggio in Tuscany. According to the Altroconsumo Senigallia ranking, the cheapest location is in the Marche region, where an average of 129 euros is spent.

Food and drink on the beach more expensive

Especially for many Italians, their “stabilimento” is part of a successful beach holiday. In a survey, 28 percent told consumer lawyers that they chose the fee-based lido, while 19 percent went to a free beach where there were no services, such as a bar or showers.

But if you want to continue buying food and drink on the beach in the future, you need to dig deeper into your pockets here as well. Bottled water, fruit juices, beer and sandwiches – on average they are 10 percent more expensive. Ice cream has also increased in price, both packaged and in the ice cream parlor. According to the Coldiretti Agricultural Association, ice cream on a cone or cup has become around eleven percent more expensive than the year before. According to experts, the around 39,000 ice cream parlors in Italy would have to spend more money on energy, milk, sugar and eggs, and this would then be reflected in the final price.

Pizza prices are going up

A real Italian pizza after a day at the beach? According to the Codacons Association, vacationers should also expect higher rates. On average, the food in the pizzeria costs over four percent more than last year, and the delivery is almost eight percent more.

However, there is a glimmer of hope: While the prices of airline tickets or ferries have also risen sharply in some cases, the prices of train tickets have fallen, according to Codacons. Compared to the previous year, they cost almost ten percent less.

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