Fried eggs for breakfast? Why fried eggs are the most boring egg dish in the world!

Scrambled eggs always look the same – and that’s the problem. Image / Peter Widmann

Eggs are incredibly versatile. You can stir them, boil them, use them in salty and sweet dishes. You can make omelets and even muffins from them. With most types of preparation, there is no limit to your creativity. After all, who can tell you what to have in scrambled eggs, omelette, quiche or the like? No! But there is an egg dish that screams: “I’m boring!” The fried egg.

Fried eggs are delicious but terribly boring

First of all: I generally like to eat fried eggs. It’s not bad, because apart from a little pepper and salt, it consists of the pure egg. But that is exactly the problem. For the biggest of all criticisms is: fried eggs are boring. What can you change about it? So change it right? Not that you add anything after cooking – or turn the egg into a burger ingredient.

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It just does not work. Unlike scrambled eggs, omelettes or Italian frittatas, you can not just replace the ingredients to your liking. If you sprinkle cheese or vegetables on the egg white during the cooking process, it rarely binds to the egg. There is no symbiosis between the ingredients.

In my search for ways to turn the fried egg into an exciting piece of culinary art, I finally even went into the depths of the internet forums to get tips for an exciting fried egg. But this search was unsuccessful at best, the tips were useless, almost unpleasant to even reproduce them.

Fried egg: Too boring to season

People advised themselves to buy a heart shape and bake their fried egg in the shape of a heart. But it is neither original nor does it change anything in the taste. The best tips were to hollow out a slice of bread or put a ring of peppers in the pan and fry the fried eggs in it. But let’s be honest: this idea only becomes really exciting when you fill the bread or pepper mold with scrambled eggs.

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And then there is the question of edibility. Because fried eggs live largely on appearance: the yellow egg yolk circle on a white background. But once the first cut is made, the glory is gone. The plum floats everywhere, and now everyone who eats realizes: there on the plate is the most boring egg dish in the world!

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