How to prepare the perfect scrambled eggs! With this recipe, the weekend breakfast becomes a pleasure

You do not need any training to prepare the perfect scrambled eggs – a few simple tricks are enough to give the best recipe a little extra. image / shotshop

There is almost no breakfast during the week – after all, the morning should be fast before most people start work. A cup of coffee – and it is for most people. But it’s time this weekend to enjoy a lot of partying! Then not only rolls belong on the table, but also fresh scrambled eggs for many. But: How does the perfect egg dish succeed? Here are some tricks everyone should know.

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Make perfect scrambled eggs yourself: With this recipe it will be delicious!

Let’s start with the quality of the eggs. Are they really fresh? You can quickly find out with a simple trick. Fill a glass with tap water and sink the egg. If it stays in the bottom of the glass, it is fresh. Eggs floating to the top are old and should no longer be eaten. Because: Over time, an air bubble forms in the egg that gets bigger and bigger and pushes it upwards.

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For classic scrambled eggs, crack the eggs in a bowl and whisk together. It is best to use a whisk for this – it is quick and also brings some air into the mass. Then add some liquid: milk works well. If you want it to be more creamy, use whipped cream – and if you want it to be lighter and more airy, a dab of mineral water helps.

In addition, it is now time for spices – feel free to season with salt and pepper. “Salt is especially important,” says chef and cookbook author Léa Linster from Frisange in Luxembourg. She prefers to use fleur de sel. Only then do the scrambled eggs get the right kick.

Scrambled eggs are simply delicious for breakfast – and can be seasoned as you like. image / shotshop

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A little butter is then melted in a pan on the stove, and the egg mixture is poured in. Then the liquid must thicken a little over medium heat. The process can be clearly seen in the edges. Then gently push the boiled egg back and forth with a spatula – do not stir too much, otherwise the scrambled eggs will be small and crumbly.

Recipe for perfect scrambled eggs: This is how the egg is properly creamed

Important: If the egg is still a little moist, it is just right, because it will continue to stretch a little before it lands on the plate. If you want you can add herbs. – Shortly before the cooking time is over, freshly cut chives give the scrambled eggs a special touch, says Linster. A large spoonful of cream cheese can also give extra creaminess to the egg – but then the dish also becomes stronger.

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The egg can also be seasoned as you wish. If you want to enrich the dish with other ingredients, you should have them in the pan and swirl them around before the egg dose. Classic combinations are fresh mushrooms, diced ham or diced bacon – it always works.

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