Interesting facts and recipes: On the day of Italian food – panorama

The starters are usually followed by two dishes.

Primo Piatto – first main course

The first main course usually consists of carbohydrate-rich dishes such as pasta, risotto, gnochi or soup. Here is the inspiration you need to make the first main course:

After the first main course, a dish with meat, fish and vegetables or eggs is served. Also referred to as:

Secondo Piatto – second main course

In addition to fish and meat dishes, the second main course includes fried or fried dishes. Here is a small but nice selection of recipes:

Pizza – loved the classic

Pizza is the most famous culinary dish of all – and it is spread all over the world. But in Italy, pizza is only served for dinner, not for lunch. Except in very touristy areas – where you can also get pizza at lunchtime. Here are two pizza ideas you can bake at home:

Dolci – sweet desserts

The sweet finish is also varied in Italy. Tiramisu, zabaglione, panna cotta, Italian ice cream or a freshly made fruit salad complete the party.

Five tips in the end

These five mistakes can be avoided when cooking! The information can be found in the video here:


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