Italian night evokes holiday feelings in the rose garden

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Of: Monica Salzman


Italian night in Rosengarten Lüdenscheid
All generations had fun on the Italian night, which was by no means a night but a two-day event. © Jakob Salzmann

In glorious holiday weather, the inhabitants of Lüdenscheid indulged in the sweet life – La dolce vita – in the rose garden on Saturday and Sunday. In two days, organizer Nicolas Leitgeb from the music and event agency Sound of Centuries and his team brought the magic from the sunny south to the center.

Lüdenscheid – Just from the weather, “11th Italian night” is what everyone imagines when they think of summer, sun, holiday, dance and party. To move away from the traditional event date in late August / early September and move « Ciao Amici “- the subtitle of the event – to the beginning of the school holidays turned out to be in the spotlight.” At least we have the nice weather “, summed up Nicolas Leitgeb happily. In early September, it rained cats and dogs.

At the restart after a two-year Corona break, things could not have gone better. The guests, who arrived in large numbers in the early afternoon, were in a similarly good mood to enjoy the holiday atmosphere, meet friends, relatives and acquaintances, be pampered with culinary delights and be transported to Bella Italia with Italian music.

An estimated 1,500 visitors filled the square early in the evening. And more and more came. The Sound of Centuries team, which hosted “Italian Night” for the first time, had set up beer tent sets and bar tables in the back area of ​​the rose garden for a comfortable stay. In front of the big stage, where Lüdenscheid singer Angelo Della Fera and his band rocked the rose garden in the evening, there was room for dancing.

Visitors could attach to the south in different ways. If you want, you can top up with selected Italian specialties at the Giglio delicatessen stand – from antipasti to truffle cheese. “L’Aperitivo” at Rosengarten and restaurateur Rocky Della Fera contributed fresh panini and salsiccia. The pizza Napoletana came from Cello, which rounded off the country’s typical delicacies.

The selection of drinks was just as large. DJ Roberto did a great job in the afternoon with Italian sounds from the mixer, which raised expectations for Angelo Della Fera’s live performance. As soon as he was on stage with his band, it was said: “Today we really do night to day”.

Everything the Italians hear in the summer, as he put it, Lüdenscheider had with him – whether it was Toto Cotugno’s “L’Italiano”, Zucchero’s “Senza una Donna” or Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando”. Also on stage: a large, enthusiastic band that gave the inspiring songs the right taste. Present: Florian Vogt (drums), Michael Vogt (piano), Tlako Mokgadi (guitar), Markus Hartkopf (vocals / guitar), Dominik Leitgeb (trumpet), Ivo Guedes (bass) and Emily Leitgeb (vocals). Nicolas Leitgeb encouraged guests to return on Sunday.

Sunday was designed as a family day with delta dancers by Tanzschule S, a mini-playback show with Angelo Della Fera and more.

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