Mediterranean breakfast wraps: Even morning grouchs will love this recipe

Those who have a healthy and balanced breakfast not only have a better mood, but also avoid cravings. Today’s first meal gives you energy for work, training or exams.

Since it can quickly get hectic in the morning, many people either skip breakfast or it can quickly become monotonous.

With this recipe for a Mediterranean breakfast wrap that will keep you full longer, you will look forward to the next morning as soon as you fall asleep.

Mediterranean breakfast wrap recipe

The recipe is perfect for breakfast pots because it is quick and you can customize the ingredients:

  • 1 wrap (or more depending on preference and hunger)
  • 2 eggs
  • a little oil or butter to the pan

Tips: For an even higher protein content, you can simply use a protein wrap.

First, heat the oil in the pan and beat the eggs in a small bowl – like scrambled eggs. You can season it as you like.

When the pan is hot, add the eggs and let them set before placing the wrap on top.

After the eggs are done frying and attached to the wrap, turn it all over, then transfer the wrap to a plate and top as you like.

To do this, cut the wrap with this cutting trick and then cover all four parts with the respective toppings and fold it. Now you can enjoy it right away or heat it up for a while in the pan so that the tortilla becomes crispier on the outside and the cheese melts.

Breakfast is also good to bring if you do not have much time in the morning.


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