MGV Gladenbach prepares for the cherry market breakfast

180 kilos of red sausage and 150 kilos of blood sausage and liver sausage each – that’s how much the men’s singing club Gladenbach (MGV) is planning for the cherry market breakfast on Saturday 2 July. And this year MGV will return to its pre-Corona tradition: the singers – together with butcher Lukas Graf in the Weidenhausen butcher Schorge – make part of the sausage themselves.

The team that met in the Weidenhausen slaughterhouse is small, but well rehearsed: Armin Schönauer and Markus Busch from MGV take on the big aprons and start together with the manager Markus Graf. A good two hours later – the three men no longer need this hot afternoon – 264 fresh red sausages hang on the large rack in the butcher. The three got the job done quickly. Because not only butcher Markus Graf knows what he is doing. Armin Schönauer, a trained chef, and Markus Busch, who has been making sausage himself for years, also know the processes inside and out.

They cut off the pork. “We only use pork shoulders,” explains Markus Graf, “then we add bacon and spices.” Armin Schönauer adds with a wink: “Of course we use the spices according to the MGV recipe.” The meat goes in the grinder. – And then we mix the sausage meat so that it binds, the butcher explains.

Finally, the men fill the mass into the intestines. Finally, 264 red sausages hang in the butcher, ready to be smoked. After that, the sausages should hang for two weeks so that they develop the right taste.

For Schönauer and Busch, the work is done. Lukas Graf prepares the cooked sausage – liver sausage and blood pudding – for the cherry market breakfast in his butcher without the helpers from MGV. – Most of the work has already been done, he says.

What is still missing for the big breakfast are the wooden plates that MGV designs with individual pyrography for each cherry market year. 1,500 are at work, reports club chairman Ralf Lüttebrandt. He was glad that the preparations went so well. Because there was no cherry market for two years due to the pandemic. The traditional breakfast also had to be completely canceled in 2020.

Breakfast without reservation

Last year, MGV could at least offer a cherry market breakfast to take home: people could order the traditional sausage trays, pick them up and get a little cherry market feeling at the dining table at home. The campaign was a great success. But the real cherry market with breakfast in the tent is something else.

– This year it is practically the same as before Corona, says Lüttebrandt. This means: Breakfast, including the sale of the sausage and cheese trays, takes place in the tent again without pre-ordering. The price per sausage or cheese board is 8.50 euros.

And: MGV expects a large audience. “People want to go out and party again,” Armin Schönauer is convinced. MGV prepares 1000 sausage trays and 500 cheese trays. «With sausage it is the same size as before Corona; we have even increased the amount of cheese, says Schönauer.

Gladenbach Cherry Market 2022 takes place from June 30 to July 3. Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday morning, July 2 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the tent. The organizer is the men’s singing club Gladenbach 1851. As usual before Corona, MGV again offers an extra delivery service for this year’s cherry market breakfast. Residents of the Gladenbach urban area can have sausage and cheese platters delivered.

Registrations For the delivery service, MGV chairman Ralf Lüttebrandt will call 0 64 62/88 34 or send an e-mail to

By Susan Abbe


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