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There will be a celebration again next weekend in Stadtallendorf, this time for two days and with its own theme. It means “Italian market” short and sweet, and everything is aimed at it: the stands, the music and of course the food on offer. And the motto was also easy to find: Dolce Vita, just the sweet life.

“The interest is really great”

At the Stadtallendorf evening market, all the organizers were surprised and excited about the residents’ interest, and the City Marketing Stadtallendorf association definitely wants to build on this, as announced by CEO Corinne Diho and the association’s chairman and mayor Christian Somogyi. Both are not only impressed by the great response. After the evening market, three interested parties contacted Diho and Somogyi about available shops in the city center. Of course, no leases have been signed yet. “But the interest is really great, especially since we can and will support such interested parties,” Somogyi said. Consequently, it will be possible to pay rent subsidies for six months with subsidies from the program “Center of the Future”, as Diho explains. According to both city’s marketing managers, two young people from Stadtallendorf also want to go out on Am Hallenbad Street next week. Both are experts in film.

The market concept that Professor Harald Ross represents and which has already been successfully tested elsewhere, depends on precisely such effects.

All regions in Italy will be represented

It is clear to those involved that revitalization of the inner city cannot be achieved with high-quality markets alone. But back to the “Italian market” July 2 and 3. It takes place all day both days and differs from the “evening market” only on this. The Stadtmarketing association is once again dependent on high quality on all offers. That is why many of the market traders this time even come directly from Italy. “All regions in Italy will be represented,” Corinne Diho announced. Wine, ham, olives and other typical Italian items will be available for purchase.

Around 20 stands are currently planned

Around 20 stands are currently planned, but there may well be even more. After the first experiences with the evening market and the rush there, there should be more seats. Everything takes place around the marketplace in the city center, this time the market street is also included.

The selection of dishes is of course also mostly Italian. It is pasta, pizza, antipasti from restaurateurs from the region. But it will also be possible to buy a proper draft beer, no taste should after all be left out, according to plan. “And there will also be Italian bratwurst from the grill, we were told,” says Diho.

“People are hungry at events like this”

Mayor Somogyi is sure that the interest will be similar to that in the evening market. “People are hungry for events like this,” he is convinced.

Of course there will also be music, again planned as subtle background music. On Saturday the band «Italy-Musiker» plays from 20.00, on Sunday the live music starts at 13.30, when the band «Admiral Blue» plays.

Opening hours: “The Italian market” is open on Saturday 2 July from 10.00 to midnight and Sunday 3 July from kl. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

By Michael Rinde


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