«Più»: Italianità in the former Zug post office

With the new “Più” from wine merchant and Italian expert Bindella, the southern lifestyle is moving into erected the walls of the old main post office in Zug one. In the style of the streets of Naples, the focus here is on uncomplicated simplicity with style. The facade as well as the interior offers with elements of Italian Renaissance and Baroque the right setting for a piece of Italianità. In the light-filled, high hall there are also works by the artist Ralph Fleck and the artist Barbara Kohler-Schai from Cham.

And the motto is also in the kitchen “Sono italiano!”. The chef is originally from Verona Graziano Mensi already prepared in Zurich’s “Ristorante Più Europaallee”. Now he comes with his creatively interpreted classics from Italian cuisine to train. – My employees and I do everything we can to pamper the guests in Zug with authentic delicacies from the Naples cuisine, Mensi says.

Pizza, pasta and appetizers

The galleon figure of “Più” is above all Naples-style pizza with fluffy yeast dough and creamy Fior di Latte mozzarella. It is also different on the map Southern Italian specialties as well as pasta and delicious aperitif pieces – all with suitable wine accessories.


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