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flour, meat, Fish, vegetables and such delicacies as herbs and spices: Few dishes give as much design freedom as pizza – and it is a healthy alternative for many cold cuts. We have with two nutritionists so carefully on the ingredient list.

White flour is made from endosperm of a grain of grain made with wholemeal flour shell and germ also painted – and it has a special value for health. »Whole grains contain more nutrients than white flour, i.a. B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium“, Says Silke Restemeyer, ecotrophologist and spokeswoman for the German Society for Nutrition.

“Whole grain products also keep you full longer because indigestible parts of the grain delay gastric emptying – they can therefore help maintain or reduce body weight. “

And the tomato sauce on the pizza base? she contains lycopenea so-called carotenoid, i.e. a red dye. He’s one of them secondary plant substancesand they bind so-called free radicals in the body, which are waste products from the cells’ reaction with oxygen, damage cells and promote heart attack and cancer be able.

Better fish than meat

Meat tastes not only good, but it also contains a lot of saturating proteinin addition to the Iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B.. But: »Everyone who eats a lot of red meat and sausage has one higher risk of colon cancerSays Silke Restemeyer. “One should a maximum of 600 grams of meat products per week eat – this amount already includes sausage and cold cuts. “

Restemeyer, on the other hand, gives the green light for fish as a topping: «In Salmon and anchovies contain long-chain omega-3 fatty acids“, she says. – These are important for this circulatory system and can do it Reduce the risk of strokemoreover, they contain a lot iodine and vitamin D.“Iodine helps, prevent thyroid diseaseand vitamin D is needed to store calcium in the bones.

Not just tomatoes, but also peppers, corn and broccoli other colored vegetables contain many secondary plant substances. In addition, like whole grains, they are made into one mainly from dietary fiberit for one ensure healthy intestinal flora. On a Pizza Hawaii As we know, it can even end up some fruit, namely pineapple: »It contains Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zincsays Restemeyer. ‘It has that in her too enzyme bromelainit works anti-inflammatory and promotes digestion. «

There are also many foods that are similar but made from sausage and meat made from plant-based ingredients – most people now taste quite good, and they often also have health benefits. »Unlike animal products, meat substitutes contain such Tofu and seitan without saturated fat«, Explains Inga Pfannebecker, nutrition expert in the trade union Oecotrophologie.

Saturated fats can do that increase problematic LDL cholesterol in the bloodand so can it deposit in the blood vessels. «Like vegetables, soy products also contain many secondary plant substances, but some must be careful with seitan: it runs out Wheat protein, also called gluten, is produced – if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you should avoid it.

fresh as a fish

Also seeds and nuts sometimes finds its way to pizza, sometimes there are sunflower seeds in combination with arugula, sometimes walnuts with blue cheese and pears. It should happen more often, says Pfannebecker: “Nuts and kernels contains minerals, B vitamins and unsaturated fatty acidswhich can curb inflammatory processes “, she explains.

As the author of many cookbooks, Pfannebecker has an exciting recipe at hand: »My tip if you want to avoid cheese, which is high in animal fat and protein: you can Easily make a cheese substitute from cashews, by soaking and pureing them with yeast flakes, mustard, salt and a little lemon juice. This creates a spreadable cream that tastes like cheese. “

spices of life

But no matter how good the dough is, no matter how fresh the vegetables are: To give the pizza real spirit, it is important to Aroma with herbs, onions or garlic to round off You are not only aromatic, but also healthy: »Herbs contain a lot of potassium and magnesium«, Says Inga Pfannebecker.

»In them are often found also essential oilswhich stimulates the formation of digestive juices and thus supports digestion. ” Rosemary, thyme and oreganothe stars of every pizza, are full of them – just right such as onions and garlic. You can even through these oils has an antibiotic effect and protects against diseases.

It is not always easy for consumers to understand which additives are allowed in food – and which ones must be declared at all. Does it make sense to take organic quality into account when it comes to pizza? »Either homemade or frozen: you can find it in organic products mostly very low residues of insecticides and herbicides«, Says Inga Pfannebecker. “There is also fewer flavors and additives allowedso that too Organic frozen pizza is better for your health than the conventional product. “

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