Recipe for strawberry cake: easy and fast

A simple strawberry cake with vanilla pudding is quick and easy: recipe and instructions – now on TAG24!

A simple strawberry cake recipe belongs in any kitchen. If you like it fresh, sweet and delicious and want to conjure up a simple strawberry shortcake quickly, this is the place for you.

Strawberry cake with vanilla pudding is a dream come true even without cake icing.

Strawberry cake with vanilla pudding is a dream come true even without cake icing. ©

Are you looking for a strawberry cake that is guaranteed to succeed and that tastes good to any visitor?

Then the simple 6-tablespoon batter is smeared with vanilla pudding and garnished with fresh strawberries just the thing for small and large sweet sugars. Every hobby baker has the ingredients for a 6-spoonful of dough at home, so that the perfect base for the fruitcake is prepared.

And if the strawberries are not enough, rhubarb or other delicious berries can also do well on the fruitcake.

TAG24 shows you a simple strawberry cake recipe that you can vary as you wish.

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The oven can be preheated to 180 degrees top / bottom heat. The springform pan with a diameter of 26 cm or 28 cm is greased with a little butter or oil and sprinkled with flour. When the preparations are complete, it is time to prepare the 6-spoon dough.

1. Step: First, prepare the dough for the strawberry cake base. In a mixing bowl, mix the eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt with a hand mixer or food processor for about 10 minutes. Add the oil (or alternatively melted, cooled butter) and mix for another two minutes.

2. Step: Flour and baking powder are added to the liquid mass through a sieve. Now just fold everything together with a spatula until an even mass is formed.

3. Step: The dough turns into the greased and floured springform pan and is baked in a preheated oven for about 16 minutes. The stick test shows when the soil is good.

4. Step: Let the bottom cool on a rack while the custard is fried according to the instructions on the package. If you do not have a cake on hand, just put the bottom back in the springform pan.

5. Step: Meanwhile, wash the strawberries, drain well, remove the greens and cut in half.

6. Step: Mix the finished pudding with sour cream, let it cool slightly and spread on the bottom.

7. Step: Depending on your mood, the strawberries are simply randomly distributed on the mass or arranged exactly. Prepare the cake icing according to the instructions on the package and spread over the strawberries: the quick strawberry cake is ready. If you prefer to enjoy the strawberry shortcake without the frosting, just leave it.

Strawberry cake decorated with mint gives a beautiful play of colors.

Strawberry cake decorated with mint gives a beautiful play of colors. ©

1. Tips: A simple puff pastry is made quickly. But if you want to do without baking completely, use only the biscuit base. With 200 g wholemeal butter biscuits and 100 g melted butter, you get a bottom that does not need to be baked, just cooled in the fridge.

2. Tips: It does not always have to be vanilla pudding. If you cook a lot of mascarpone or quark, you get a delicious variety.

3. Tips: For the strawberry cake to taste like it came from the baker, it is crucial to use delicious, ripe fruit without damage.

4. Tips: If you want to do without finished products, use only starch and vanilla extract instead of the vanilla pudding powder. Stirred in milk and briefly boiled, creates a delicious vanilla pudding.

4. Tips: Cake icing is very easy to make yourself. Mix the grape juice and starch, bring to the boil and remove from the heat after it has thickened.

5. Tips: This simple fruitcake also tastes good with blueberries, blackberries, cherries or currants.

6. Tips: For extra freshness: add the peel of half a lemon to the vanilla pudding and sour cream mixture.

7. Tips: If you want it super fast, just replace the vanilla pudding with a cup of cream cheese flavored with vanilla sugar.

8. Tips: Garnish with fresh mint leaves, the strawberry cake is optically spiced.

A simple strawberry cake with vanilla pudding is made in no time. TAG24 wishes you lots of fun with the preparations and good appetite!

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