Simply delicious: These are the 10 best TikTok food trends for this summer

Simply delicious!
These are the top 10 TikTok food trends this summer

Simply delicious: the woman imitates the food trend

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TikTok constantly delivers new trends – even when it comes to food. We have summarized simple delicious, but also especially bizarre recipes that you can easily try out here for you!

At TikTok, we can watch a wide variety of videos every day – whether it’s choreographies, makeup trends, comedy or even unique dishes. A crazy idea quickly becomes a real trend and people follow. Especially creative recipes are exchanged with the whole world. People are crazy about new ideas, inspiration and trends. We have the 10 most popular recipes you can try here! And they are perfect for summer too!

Grated egg on toast

Whether poached, boiled, fried or scrambled – a good breakfast egg is simply delicious. But TikTok comes up with another idea: a toast with avocado and grated egg.

Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh came up with the idea and many users tried it out. The hashtag #GratedEggToast has already been searched over 20 million times and is an absolute success trend. Just laying an egg on bread would be boring.

Korean cucumber salad

The most diverse food trends sometimes come from distant lands. So does the Korean cucumber salad. Cucumbers and kimchi are mixed with Asian sauce – simply delicious. The hashtag #CucumberKimchi also has over 50.6 million views and is an absolutely popular and refreshing summer salad.

Pizza toast

Model Harley Bieber has not held back her favorite bowl from the fans. She shares the recipe for pizza toast on TikTok. A particularly delicious Italian toast variety prepared with tomatoes, truffle oil and burratta. Not only does the Hailey Bieber variant go viral, many users modify it and make a number of other versions of the coveted pizza toast.

Green goddess salad

The green goddess salad is said to taste so unique that it is called the goddess of salad. It’s healthy anyway – cucumber, iceberg lettuce and chives are cut into small pieces and mixed with a homemade pesto.


Orange juice with a shot of espresso? It can not taste good! In fact, many users are absolutely thrilled and call it THE new summer drink. It’s probably worth trying to test the interesting mix, after all, many have already been convinced – the hashtag #EspressoOrangeJuice has already been seen 171,100 times on TikTok.

Lemon paste

With all the exciting recipes, of course, no pasta dish should be missing. Lemon paste is not unknown in itself, but the creator Maya has brought it back to the TikTok world – in her opinion, lemon paste is totally underrated. The popular recipe, which is one of the absolute summer dishes thanks to the combination with lemon, has already had more than 20 million hits.

Avocado condensed milk dessert

Avocado for dessert? Even that is unusual. But mixed with condensed milk and ice cubes, it’s all a Filipino dessert. #AvocadoCondensedMilk already has a million views on TikTok. The variants in which the combinations with the ice cubes are eaten are different: Both all in large pieces or pureed as mousse or smoothie.

cloud bread

Probably the airiest sweet bread ever: Cloudbread. With whipped egg whites, sugar and starch, the sweet snack is simple and the TikTok community is happy to copy it. A little pastry color can be mixed into the ingredients as desired and there is a colorful surprise effect when the finished bread is broken up. With 3.4 billion views, this snack trend is probably one of the most popular among the food trends.

Prosecco grape snacks

The sweet grape snack is absolutely perfect with fruity summer drinks. Grapes are pickled in Prosecco and vodka, sweetened and finally frozen. There have already been 2.3 million hits and that’s not so strange, because after all, it’s just ideal for hot summer days!

Sunn cola

A healthy cola – is it possible at all? The drink has gone viral on TikTok as a Coca Cola substitute, and #HealthyCoke already has over 70 million hits. A mixture of mineral water and balsamic vinegar should taste just like cola. Opinions are divided on this, but it is worth a try. Maybe this is already your new favorite summer drink?

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