Sober to the doctor: what does it mean?

What can I eat and drink if my doctor says to me: “Please come sober”? Photo: AndrewFall /

In this article, we explain what it means when you go to the doctor on an empty stomach. You will also find out how long you should avoid eating before an examination and whether you can smoke.

During surgery, some examinations, blood tests, colonoscopy or ultrasound, you will be asked to appear sober. This does not mean that alcohol consumption should be reduced, but simply that eating and drinking must be avoided. You can find out exactly how this works here.

What foods can I eat before visiting the doctor?

Which foods can be eaten before a doctor’s visit depends on the respective examination. There is usually a difference between eating and drinking.

You should refrain from eating until then

Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, you should 6 to 8 hours for investigationit blood test or surgery eat nothing more. So if you first have to go to the doctor in the morning, your last meal is your evening meal the day before. Breakfast is then skipped. Want stomach or colon examined, it may also be that the sober period further fails. Therefore, discuss everything important with your doctor.

Relative to medicines “Take on an empty stomach” means that they are taken before a meal. You do not have to go without food here. It is usually sufficient if you then wait about half an hour before you start eating.

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You must keep this in mind when drinking

How long in advance you should stop drinking depends on the individual treatment or investigation gone. As a rule, dairy products and carbonated beverages should be avoided after the last meal. Stagnant water is usually also possible a few hours before treatment.

If you have one blood test have, you must do not give up drinking. However, make sure you only drink water. It is also possible that tea and black coffee are not a problem, but you should check with your doctor. You should refrain from juices, coffee with milk and sugar as well as sweeteners.

When you take medicines You can take a glass of water to help you. However, milk and fruit juices are not recommended, as these agents may weaken the effect.

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Sober to the doctor – can I smoke?

You should refrain from smoking before an operation, and you should ask your doctor if you have had a blood test or other treatment. Also remember that smoking on an empty stomach can cause circulatory problems, nausea and dizziness.

Do I have to do without medication already prescribed?

If you need to take medication during the period you should be sober, discuss a solution with your doctor. Under no circumstances should you just stop taking the medicine during this time.

What are the rules for an ultrasound and a gastroscopy?

Drinks and food are taboo during an abdominal ultrasound. The reason for this is that the organs can otherwise no longer be recognized correctly. The same goes for a gastroscopy. Here it is recommended not to eat or drink 6 hours before treatment. However, clear drinks are not a problem during a colonoscopy.

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Why do you have to get sober?

The recommendation to appear sober can have various reasons. In the case of medicines, for example, the effect may otherwise be weakened. During examinations in the stomach, this must be empty in order to be examined. A blood test cannot give accurate results without a fasting condition. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins can affect the values.

What values ​​do you need to be sober for?

However, you should always check with your doctor if and when you are allowed to eat and drink before treatment. If you are unsure, it is best to contact us again.


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