Strawberry Cake: With these tips, the best preparation succeeds

Strawberries not only taste delicious on their own, they are also ideal as a cake top. For the strawberry cake to succeed professionally, however, there are a few things to consider. We mention the most common mistakes made during preparation.

The taste of the cake stands and falls with the choice of the right strawberries. If you can barely taste their aroma, unripe fruits may be to blame.

Only have ripe fruit on the cake

Therefore, use only ripe fruit without green spots, they have the best taste. Since strawberries almost never ripen, it is best to keep your hands away from unripe goods.

Buy the strawberries for a cake just before you prepare it. You can recognize fresh fruit by its aromatic scent, natural luster and firm texture. Moldy strawberries should never be treated. Since the mold spores spread quickly throughout the fruit, it is not enough to cut off the affected areas.

Do not place strawberries directly on the ground

Puff pastry or biscuit bases used. These soils are fine and airy and taste especially good. But if you lay the fruit directly on such a soil, it will become a little mushy. This can be avoided if you spread a little whipped cream powder or ground nuts on the cake base before topping.

A thin layer of couverture or vanilla pudding, which you let set before topping, also prevents soaking.

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