That’s how high power consumption is

It is often only a few cents it costs to bake the cake or heat up the pizza. But during the year they can amount to a large sum.

Hardly anyone measures the power consumption of their own oven. On the one hand, because this requires a special ammeter for strong current. On the other hand, because it is too complicated: who can turn on the stove and read the electricity meter at the same time? Especially since the meter then would not just measure the energy needs of the stove.

But maybe it’s also the reluctance to know exactly how expensive the power is for a small frozen pizza or a fish stew.

The electricity cost of the stove

If you still want to know how expensive it is to bake certain dishes, you can find it in the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and in a study in our electricity cost series. Here the power cost of the oven is given as follows:

  • Baking a frozen pizza: 17 øre
  • Fry a pot / stew a roast: 26 øre
  • Bake and cake: 40 cents

The amounts are small. But if a frozen pizza is eaten every week, it amounts to nine euros in electricity costs per year. The popular Sunday cake would then even cost just under 21 euros.

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