This is what happens when Italian chefs prepare British food

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Oliver Baroni
Oliver Baroni


When I came across my favorite channel on YouTube again, I thought to myself: Italy Squisitathe great collection of charming original recipes from the diverse regional cuisine of Italy, lively ethnographies and portraits of exciting chefs, both from the old guard and from the young pioneers of the gastro industry.

The web knows Italy Squisita mainly because of her reaction videos:

The principle is simple: Italian chefs respond to the most popular YouTube videos with Italian recipes. Of course, it can happen that three Roman chefs burst out laughing when they see Jamie Oliver’s carbonara. Or that Antonio Sorrentino from Naples exclaimed: “I am confused” over the Paris Hilton massacre.

This is obviously very entertaining YouTube. But also a bit one-dimensional, as Italia Squisita has now acknowledged. Yes, it’s important to maintain the traditions of Italy’s regional culinary culture and let iconic veterans show you authentic old recipes, but it’s a distorted image of Italian cuisine’s conservative, isolationist attitude that resists new influences.

This is by no means the case. In the international gastronomic scene, the guild of young Italian chefs is one of the most creative in the world. And when it comes to the rustic Italian recipes: Italia Squisita has long been it ricetta originals also one gourmet version opposite, an exciting modification of the original recipe of a star chef. Recently also in the cookbook «Original e gourmet».

In the meantime, the framework has been expanded considerably and the series «Italian a …» («Italian in …») launched. Here, top Italian chefs working outside Italy – all in prestigious top restaurants – are profiled and their views on the most famous dishes in their respective host countries. Martino Ruggieri cooks Tournedos Rossini in Paris, for example. Or Paolo Casagrande, who is in Barcelona arroz prepared. and the last season presents three episodes that show the preparation of classic British dishes.

And folks, that’s great.

It would be approx Marco Zampese, Executive Chef at the venerable Connaught Hotel-Restaurant in Mayfair, which has three Michelin stars. He shows us that Beef Wellington:

Zampese explains how it is Beef Wellington very, very closely related to the French beef and croutons is related: After the Battle of Waterloo (1815), the island decided to name the party after Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, the general who had defeated the French. But Zampese’s preparation … wow. Just WOW. This effort and this precision! His mini version with boned pigeon and the vegetarian version with stuffed leeks are also very exciting.

Francesco Dibenedettochef at Claude Bosis Bibendum in Chelsea, shows us the hearty beef and ale pie:

Also a dish with an exciting history, English pies are considered to be one of the original forms of takeaway food: Miners and other workers who inevitably had to be at work over lunchtime brought home-made pies to work as a packed lunch. In particular, Dibenedetto’s workplace is the iconic Michelin house in west London, the place that was specially built in 1911 to promote the French tire manufacturer’s gastronomic affiliation.

Finally, the chef introduces us Francesco Mazzei from Calabria a healthy English Sunday roast with everything included:

Ristorante Fiume in London’s Battersea is, as the name implies, an Italian restaurant. But every now and then a thorough English Sunday Roast is on the menu. And it’s a force. The love and joy of matzai, roast beef, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings prepared, has almost meditative properties.

I have always said that there is nothing like listening to Italians talk about food. And when the Italians think about British dishes, I can only say: Some may order meditation courses and yoga retreats. In the meantime, I watch some Italy Squisita videos – and thus reach nirvana.

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