Tiktok breakfast trend: Baked Oats recipe

Baked oats have become popular as a breakfast trend at TikTok. And rightly so, because the baked oatmeal tastes like cake for breakfast. We show you how to make baked oats yourself.

Baked oats has without a doubt been the most popular breakfast trend on social media for a while. Even if they Baked oatmeal, ie baked porridge, are very similar, they certainly have their own right to exist. Because thanks to the finely ground oat flakes, baked oats have a finer and juicier consistency.

For baked oats, you need a few basic ingredients a blender. With this you have prepared the dough in a few minutes. Form the basis of the baked oats oatmeal, plant milk, banana, dates or maple syrup too cute.

It is best to buy the ingredients organic quality. How to support one organic farmingwhich are not chemical-synthetic pesticides used, which can enter the food and environment. Recommended organic seals are e.g. demeter, natural land and organic land. For products like chocolate, cocoa or vanilla you should also look for one Fairtrade certification respect, think aloud. The seal shows you that the product was produced and sold under acceptable social conditions.

We show you a basic recipe for vegan baked oats with light and dark varieties. You can of course change the recipe as you wish.

Vegan baked oats: Basic recipe for two servings

You can vary the ingredients of baked oats to your own taste.
You can vary the ingredients of baked oats to your own taste.
(Photo: Sarah Gairing / Utopia)

By the way: We use a ripe banana for sweetening. If you do not like the taste of bananas, you may end up finding non-banana options for baked oats.

Vegan baked oats

  • Preparation: about 10 minutes
  • Cooking / cooking time: about 20 minutes
  • Audience: 2 servings